Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show


Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show

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Welcome to The Himalayan Club community. There are exciting privileges that await you, every time you interact with the site or the community through the site. This site is for paid membership, across the number of categories, be it Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond. From individual membership to corporate sponsorship. As you continue on this journey, you’ll find the doors of opportunity open; with a wide variety of special deals which in turn is meant to enhance your experience of adventure, be it mountaineering, white river rafting, camping or trekking.


  • Will receive regular newsletters
  • Exclusive offers on various types of outdoor activities.
  • Will be able to be privy to information such as good places to trek, camp, canoe etc.
  • Will be able to get great deals from the manufacturer and marketers for all of your adventure gear.


 1000 /year
Member Price: 600 /year

You can feel the spirit of the outdoors, hear the call of the mountain and the gushing of the river by availing the features of the silver membership here at the Himalayan club. Being a silver member can get you a free copy of the Himalayan club newsletter along with copies of other publications. In addition, you get a special price for five of the Himalayan journal issues. Also, you can be sure to win some goodies and gifts by taking the quizzes and polls posted on the site

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 1500 /year
Member Price: 900 /year

Whether it be skiing , Rock climbing, Trekking or cycling, you can be part of a community of adventures and further develop your interests here at the Himalayan club. And the Gold membership can help you grow your skills and know how .As far as reading material is concerned, you’ve got plenty coming your way. Members of the Gold club receive a free copy of the Himalayan Journal, Himalayan club newsletter and other publications. You can also win some exciting freebies by participating in our polls and our quizzes.

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 2500 /year
Member Price: 1500 /year

May be you’re a photographer passionate about capturing the great outdoors or a traveler looking to explore, the platinum membership of the Himalayan club can help you to excel in your area of interest, Who knows you might even pick up another activity that catches your fancy. Platinum members will receive free Himalayan Club newsletter , along with other publications. And remember to take part in our quizzes and polls and be rewarded with freebies and exciting gifts.

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 5500 /year
Member Price: 3300 /year

If the spirit of adventure is unquenchable within you and you’re looking for a way to fulfill certain feats then you can enroll yourself to the diamond membership, which is the highest membership of the Himalayan Club. Unlike other memberships, all publications will be available to you for free. Be sure to partake in our polls and quizzes and by doing so be rewarded by gifts and freebies.

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